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Do you want an interesting, fun, and rejuvenating experience? If so, you might want to host a cosmetic party with Mountain West Medical! Mountain West Medical Services offers a one-of-a-kind experience with our Mobile Cosmetics Party (MCP). This party allow you and your guests a low-key, fun, comfortable environment where friends can get a rejuvenating Tox treatment. During your MCP, your guest will receive up-to-date information on different options for cosmetics.

Party Day Specials for Guests:

Botox $9 per unit

Xeomin $8 per unit

Jeuveau $7 per unit


15% off any other cosmetic procedure if an appointment is made within 2 weeks.

By hosting an event, the host will get 30 units of complimentary Jeuveau. We will also bring door prizes and gift certificates with us for giveaways.

How to book a Party:

Once you are ready to host a party, call us at 208-231-8428 with the date and time you would like to book. Typically, we will need about 2-3 weeks to book and event. Booking dates can be any day of the week except Sundays. Historically, the best time to book parties tends to be Wednesday or Thursday nights. Party times need to be reasonably early (5pm to 6pm starting time) because individuals receiving Tox should not lay down for several hours after receiving injections.

We require a $100 deposit to book a party which will be refunded the day of party. The party can be rescheduled once with a 5-day notice. Any last-minute cancellations will result in a forfeiture of the deposit.

To be eligible for the complimentary Jeuveau, the host must guarantee that at least five guests attend the party and purchase on average 25 units of Tox each. If less than five guests attend, or less than 125 units of Tox are purchased, then the host will be required to pay for their treatment. Due to time restraints, please do not invite more than 10 other individuals to the party. If time runs short, and there is not enough time to administer all treatments, Mountain West Medical will honor party prices for up to two weeks for participants at the clinic.

Other rules:

  • Hosts are asked to provide refreshments for guests. No alcohol can be consumed before or after Tox administration.
  • Dr. John or a clinic nurse will be the injector for all parties. We may bring staff to assist depending on the size of the party.
  • Please have Wi-Fi available so credit card payments can be processed.
  • We take privacy very seriously, and all client’s information will be HIPPA protected.
  • Guests will be required to divulge relevant medical history. A patient may be denied treatment based off that history.
  • Guests will be required to sign consent forms prior to treatment.
  • Guests are all offered a free follow-up consultation two weeks after the party.
  • There will be no high-pressure sales tactics at the party. These parties are meant to be fun and informative.
  • We look forward to seeing you soon!


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