Metabolic Workup & Hormone Balancing


Have you ever gone to your provider with a health concern, had a myriad of labs taken, and then been told that “everything looks good” without any resolution of the underlying problem? Have you ever wondered what foods you should avoid helping you maintain a healthy weight? Have you ever wondered which vitamins or supplements you should be on based on your own personal health needs? At Mountain West Medical, we are offering an exciting new product that might eliminate this frustration forever.

Mountain West Medical is excited to announce a partnership with Metabolic Code. The Metabolic Code is a personalized approach to healthcare that is unique in medicine. Utilizing a sophisticated computer algorithm, the Metabolic Code takes patients’ symptoms, laboratory results, and clinical findings to generate a customized report detailing strengths and deficiencies in your personal health. This 40 to 50-page report breaks down your metabolism into simple processes that patients are better able to understand, and helps your provider customize a plan to get you feeling better. Through this process we look at everything that makes up who you are; lifestyle choices, symptoms, hormones, your major organ systems, nutritional deficiencies, and much more. It truly paints a picture of the whole you.

See here to access a sample report of Metabolic Code


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