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Are you searching for a healthcare provider who cares about you -- and not just your symptoms? During his training, John McRae, DNP, MPH, NP-C realized he wanted to create a holistic healthcare practice focused on the whole person, not simply your illness or your symptoms. To improve care and provide holistic therapy, he utilizes a variety of tools, including longer appointments and the Metabolic Code®. If you’re in Meridian, Idaho, or the surrounding areas, call or book an appointment online to get the healthcare you deserve.

Holistic Therapy Specialist

What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy is medicine that encompasses the whole person. The belief is if one part of your body is out of balance, your whole body is out of balance.

As a holistic healthcare practitioner, Dr. John wants to know your entire story, not only the parts that hurt. Knowing more about you helps him create a more focused treatment plan.

What can I expect with holistic therapy?

Dr. John wants you to feel comfortable telling him about yourself, so each appointment is scheduled in 30-minute increments. If needed, he adds more time to the appointment so you never feel rushed.

In addition to a discussion, Dr. John also completes a physical examination to obtain objective information about your health.

As a highly-trained, skilled healthcare practitioner with a holistic approach, Dr. John understands the role that both pharmaceutical and natural medicine play in helping you achieve optimal health, and he may recommend prescription medicines, natural supplements, or both.

What is Metabolic Code®?

To improve health outcomes and really get to know and understand his patient’s health, Dr. John added the Metabolic Code to his practice. This advanced system uses a computer algorithm to analyze your personal health information and creates a detailed and personalized treatment plan to improve all areas of your health.

How does Metabolic Code work?

The Metabolic Code uses three points of data to create your health profile. This includes lab work, a symptom survey completed by you, and biometric data from Dr. John. The Metabolic Code analyzes the data and creates a 40-50 page report that includes both your health strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. John uses the analysis to devise your individual treatment plan, which might include dietary changes, vitamin and herbal supplements, natural hormones, or specialized therapeutic treatment.

As one of the first practitioners to use Metabolic Code, Dr. John is considered a founding member by the creators of the program.

If you’re looking for a holistic healthcare provider who balances natural medicine with advanced technology, call Mountain West Medical Services to schedule an appointment or use the online booking agent.

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