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Hair loss can happen at any age as a result of stress, hormonal changes, heredity, and any number of other factors. Few things in life can add more years to your appearance than thinning, balding head of hair. Hair loss can distract people from seeing your other natural qualities. This condition affects literally millions of Americans, both male and female. At Mountain West Medical, Dr. John offers a multimodal approach to hair loss. Using the latest scientific and technology, Dr. John can customize a treatment tailored to your needs. No two individuals are alike, and often a customized treatment plan is needed. As such, Dr. John utilizes a three-tier system to individualizing treatment plans. Using these treatment plans we can help you get back a healthy, full head of hair.


NeoGraft Hair Transplant System Explained - Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)-HD from NeoGraft on Vimeo.

Tier One: Stopping hair loss

No one likes losing their hair, but for many individuals it is a reality that they will face at some point in their lives. Genetics, age, environment, sun-damage; these are all factors that even the healthiest people will lose the battle with when it comes to hair loss. Tier 1 addresses the early stages of hair loss. In this stage we see changes in hair texture, weakened hair, and noticeable shedding.

Tier 1 is specifically designed for individuals in these early stages. This Tier focuses on fortifying the hair follicles to slow down or halt the thinning process. The overall quality of your hair should improve as well.

Treatments are easily tolerated and can be done without multiple visits to see your provider.

Tier 1 treatments include:

  • Medical management
  • Topical products
  • Oral supplementation

These treatments can be done independent from one another or in conjunction depending on the needs of the individual. The benefits of this Tier are that treatments are noninvasive, surgery free, convenient, fast, preventative, and most of all, safe.

Tier 2: Restore and Nourish

Many people find themselves in a situation where their hair loss is very noticeable, but not quite severe enough for hair transplantation. By adding Tier 2 treatments to those of Tier 1, we get a more intensive treatment to stimulate hair growth for those dormant hair follicles. Both men and women can see positive results through Tier 2 treatments. For men, Tier 2 is for those who have actively thinning hair, but do not have a defined pattern of hair loss. Women with substantial hair loss and diffusion, along with a diminished quality of hair being produced also fit in this tier. Both men and women who suffer from brittle, limp, droopy, and broken strands can receive results from this tier.

Tier 2 treatments:

These treatments are designed to reenergize hair follicles before they are gone forever. They help increase healthy hair production and stabilize hair growth. The benefits of these therapies are that we enable the body to heal itself rather than utilizing artificial means of regenerating hair. Each treatment alone will strengthen the hair, but often these treatments can be utilized together to accelerate hair growth and achieve better results.

Tier 3: Hair Transplantation

Tier 3 treatment is for advanced treatment of hair loss. This is for individuals with defined hair loss pattern, with absolute thinning, or those with missing hair. Most candidates in Tier 3 are in need of hair transplants. Others can benefit from a combination approach utilizing multiple treatments from Tier 1 and Tier 2.

The gold standard for Tier 3 treatment is hair transplantation. Historically, this was done by surgically removing a strip of normal hair in the back of the head and then using that strip to transplant follicles to areas needing hair growth. Much has changed in recent years, and now follicle extraction units (FEUs) can transplant individual hairs from areas of the scalp without leaving an unsightly scar line.

See our hair transplant page for more information.