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A Different Approach to Healthcare

Are you tired of going to see a provider only to get a few minutes of face time? Most medical practices schedule 10-minute appointments, with only 5 minutes of that spent face-to- face with your provider. This can be incredibly frustrating for patients.

At Mountain West Medical, we take the time you require to get to know you and address your concerns. If you feel like you need more time, we will schedule additional time.

We realize that your health needs can be complicated, and we want to spend the time that is needed to fully explore those needs.

Focus on Wellness and Aesthetics

As Dr. John’s practice has grown, it has evolved into an aesthetic and wellness practice. During his post-doctoral continuing education, Dr. John has found that sleep issues are the primary reason behind many of the conditions that cause fatigue, anxiety, depression, and weight gain, among others. As such, Dr. John’s wellness clinic has shifted from a primary care practice to a practice focused on sleep and aesthetics. He now offers sleep workups, testing, and laboratory studies involving sleep. As this is now a priority in his practice, he no longer accepts new primary care patients. He continues to accept new aesthetic and sleep medicine patients. If you have questions, please give us a call and we can discuss further.


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