Jeuveau, The Next Botox?


In May of 2019, patients got a new option when it comes to smoothing out the lines and wrinkles in the face. Jeuveau (pronounced jew-voe) is the latest neurotoxin to gain FDA approval for decreasing frown lines. In a market dominated by Allergan’s Botox, could Jeuveau be the next contender to take some of that market share?


What is Jeuveau?


Jeuveau, like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, is a neurotoxin designed to temporarily interfere with the signals that the brain sends to the tissues. By interfering with that signal, we can get some interesting clinical effects such as muscle relaxation. When muscles contract, the skin above them can form lines and wrinkles. Over time, these lines and wrinkles can become unsightly, especially in the facial areas. That is where Jeuveau comes in.


Jeuveau can be injected into muscles causing a temporary muscle relaxation affect. With the muscle relaxed, the lines and wrinkles in the skin begin to fade away, and a more youthful look can surface. This temporary affect lasts on average about 3 months for most individuals.


How does Jeuveau compare to Botox?


Because Jeuveau is new to the market, there are limited studies comparing the efficacy to other brands of neurotoxins. One double-blind clinical study showed that it was “non-inferior” to the Botox brand of neurotoxin. Reviewing that study, it appears that Jeuveau met or exceeded the therapeutic benefits of Botox in most categories (onset of action, duration of action, perceived benefits, safety, etc.).


In terms of potency, Botox and Jeuveau are equivalent. Neurotoxins are measured in units, so this means that one unit of Jeuveau equals one unit of Botox. That means  if patients would like to make the transition from Botox to Jeuveau, the dosing would be the same.


What is the cost of Jeuveau?


Because Jeuveau is brand new to the market, Evolus (the makers of Jeuveau) are experimenting with pricing. Currently, it is comparable to other neurotoxins on the market. However, Evolus is giving specials to practices to jump start their marketing so there may be deals to be had.


What are some limitations to Jeuveau?


Because it is new to the market, Jeuveau has limited science behind it. More studies are needed to pin down how well it works, especially when compared to other products. Jeuveau has only been approved by the FDA for treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows. Providers can do an “off-label” treatment into other areas (crows’ feet, for example), but there are no studies available to determine the safety or efficacy of doing those treatments.


Is Jeuveau right for you?


Jeuveau could be a good alternative for you. Sometimes patients grow resistant to other neurotoxins, and in that instance Jeuveau might have better effect. With introductory pricing, Jeuveau will likely be a cheaper alternative. As such, it could be worth a try.


If you are interested in trying out Jeuveau, feel free to call the office and set up an appointment. You can also book an appointment online as well. We hope to see you soon!

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