My experience trying Sculptra Aesthetic for the first time


My experience trying Sculptra Aesthetic for the first time.


What is Sculptra Aesthetic? 

Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA approved injectable (notice I didn’t say FILLER) that is used to treat wrinkles and folds of the facial skin. These include deep folds between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds), the lines extending from your mouth to your chin (marionette lines), smile lines, and chin wrinkles. It’s also used to improve the overall “crepey” appearance of the skin. 


Sculptra Aesthetic (which is made from poly-L-lactic acid) actually activates your own body to rebuild and replace the collagen that is lost as we age… and therefore takes about 21 days to see the full results after each treatment.It’s not an instant fix, but it is a more natural, and longer lasting way to improve the appearance of the face.

Now that we have a better understanding of what Sculptra Aesthetic actually is… let’s get into what the experience of getting it was like for me. 


What is the process of getting Sculptra Aesthetic injections?

First, the doctor cleaned my entire face with an alcohol wipe. He then drew some lines on my face to show me where he was going to be placing the product. Using a needle he made an opening in the skin where the cannula was to be fed through. This didn’t hurt at all.

The product was placed in a fan pattern starting at my jawline and extending toward my mouth and nose. There was some slight discomfort during this part of the procedure. Nothing unbearable, but I could definitely feel it! When they were done placing the product on both sides, they massaged my face to help get that solution spread out under the skin. I was then told that there may be some swelling for a day or so and to continue to massage my face for five minutes, five times a day. The whole appointment lasted probably 45 minutes.


Does it hurt to get Sculptra? 

Having the Sculptra procedure done was only mildly uncomfortable… The next few days however were a slightly different story! I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been in a fight! My jaw and cheeks were a bit swollen and felt badly bruised, so I knew the massaging process was going to be pretty painful. I took Tylenol and waited for that to kick in before I attempted to massage my face, but even still, it hurt like crazy! This was by far the most uncomfortable part of the entire process! The swelling lasted about 2 days, and the pain diminished slowly over the next week. 


Is Sculptra worth the money? 

If you are looking for a more natural way to improve the appearance of your skin, and if you are seeking a more natural result, than I would say yes, it is worth the money. It’s important to remember that you could need 2-3 treatments spread a month apart to get the BEST results. Your doctor can tell you how many treatments they think you will need to get the desired result at the time of your consultation. I was happy with the end result after just one treatment, but everyone is different. I did notice an increased firmness to the skin, and that is expected to last up to two years. 

* Treatment regimen is typically 3 injections over the course of three to four months.

Disclaimer- Information within this blog is strictly my experience and for informational purposes only. This writing is not intended to provide medical advice, and it should not be understood as such.

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