Why You Shouldn’t Let Just Anyone Administer Your Botox

As the go-to solution for bothersome wrinkles, Botox® can rejuvenate your skin and take years off your appearance — as long a

When it comes to smoothing fine lines, diminishing deep wrinkles, and turning back the hands of time in no time at all, nothing beats Botox®

As the world’s leading anti-aging solution, Botox injections have temporarily erased millions upon millions of unwanted facial lines, wrinkles, and creases across the globe. In 2018 alone, more than 7.4 million people in the United States turned to Botox to help them do away with prominent wrinkles and take years off their appearance. 

While Botox may be backed by years of scientific research, an impeccable safety record, and full FDA approval, getting the best possible results requires the skills, expertise, and experience of a trained provider like Dr. John K. McRae. Here’s what you should know. 

Botox basics

When you squint, smile, frown, focus intently, or make any kind of recurrent facial expression over a long enough period of time, the facial muscles that perform those repeated movements can get stuck in a mild — but constant — state of contraction. 

Once your facial muscles are perpetually “switched on,” it doesn’t take long for the overlying skin tissue to become more rumpled and creased. Botox aims to smooth these lines and wrinkles right out of your skin by blocking the nerve signals that keep your expressive facial muscles in a continuous state of contraction.  

By temporarily relaxing the facial muscles that make your skin look past its prime, Botox leaves you with a smoother, younger-looking complexion that knocks years off your appearance.  

Botox treatments

Made from the natural bacterium Clostridium botulinum, Botox is FDA-approved to diminish the appearance of moderate to severe worry lines across your forehead, angry 11s (or frown lines) between your brows, and laugh lines (also known as crow’s feet) at the corners of your eyes.  

With three small injections in the muscles that frame each eye, five small injections across your forehead, and five more small injections between your brows, the average Botox session takes just 10 minutes to complete.

Botox works quickly, creating noticeably tighter, smoother skin in a day or two that continues to improve over time. It’s also long-lasting — you can expect to keep your wrinkle-free complexion for about four months, and a quick Botox boost is all you need to maintain your results.         

Botox results

When the right amount of Botox is carefully injected at precise points across your forehead, between your brows, and along the outside of each eye, it causes specific facial muscles to relax just enough to erase or diminish the appearance of overlying lines, wrinkles, and creases. 

Botox is a technique-sensitive treatment that requires training, skill, and experience to perform properly; receiving Botox from an untrained, unskilled, or inexperienced provider increases your chances of winding up with overdone, unnatural-looking results that freeze your face as well as your expressions.  

A well-done Botox treatment leaves your skin looking naturally smooth, fresh, and youthful without freezing your face or interfering with your facial expressiveness. In short, it leaves you looking like yourself, only with fewer wrinkles and lines; others may notice your rejuvenated appearance, but they won’t be able to tell you’ve had a cosmetic treatment.  

Here at Mountain West Medical Services, we have the training, skill, and experience to ensure your Botox treatment delivers perfectly subtle and naturally beautiful results every time. 

To find out what Botox can do for you, call our Meridian, Idaho, office today, or click online to schedule an appointment with Dr. John any time. 


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